HF Seedling Heat Mat

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HF Seedling Heat Mat

Increase the success rate of your seedlings and plant cuttings with a Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat.

You'll get faster seed germination and faster growth when young plantlings have the added warmth of a Seedling Heat Mat. Root area is heated by 10 - 20° F over ambient room temperature.

Made of waterproof construction, these heat mats have a 6' power cord and plugs into any standard 120V electrical outlet. They're UL listed, so they're safe for you to use!

Available in 3 sizes:

10" x 20" - acommodates 1 seedling tray - uses 17 watts
20" x 20" - acommodates up to 2 seedling trays - uses 45 watts
48 " x 20" - acommodates up to 4 seedling trays - uses 107 watts

Easy-to-use instructions and tips on seed starting and cutting propagation printed right on the mat! Seedling Heat Mats do NOT require a temperature controller. But when exact temperature control is needed for delicate plants, such as orchids, add the optional Heat Mat Thermostat.

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