Hortilux 1000W Digital Ballast

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Hortilux 1000W Digital Ballast

The Hortilux Platinum Series Digital Ballast 1000W Combo comes with a Hortilux Super HPS lamp although it will also burn Hortilux Blue and other metal halide lamps.

Clean Cool™ Technology channels airflow to reduce dirt and dust accumulation on critical electronic components to help prevent wear and tear.

The 1000W Hortilux Platinum Series Digital Ballast provides these advantages:

High power factor
Flicker-Free steady state operation
Comes generator ready
120 Hertz, low frequency square wave
120/240 volt compatibility
Extended ground contact in lamp plug for maximum safety
Full 5 year warranty!

Comes pre-wired Sun System® receptacle for immediate use, and INCLUDES a Hortilux LU1000B/HTL/EN Super HPS lamp and a 120V cord.

Made in Japan, so you know this is quality equipment. ETL Certified in the USA and Canada for fire and electrical safety.

They are price controlled, so we are selling them at the lowest allowable price.

Need a reflector too? Go here to order the 1000W Hortilux ballast with bulb and get a 5% discount on the reflector of your choice.

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