Hortilux Eye PowerVEG T5 "Colors" Fluorescent Lamps

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Hortilux Eye PowerVEG T5

If you have a hobby-sized garden, and are looking to get the best yield possible without an HID light, then you should check out this new expansion of the Eye PowerVEG line. With four new lamp colors, each designed for a specific stage of your plants growth cycle, we guarantee impressive hobby quality results.

The four colors each emit different nanometer specific spectrums that correspond to different stages of the growth cycle: The 420 for the veg cycle, the 460 to strengthen your plants as they move from the vegetative stage to flowering, the 633 to stimulate vertical plant growth and expansion of leaf size, and the 660 for the best results in your true flowering stage.

You should place your lamps somewhere between 8” and 16” above the canopy of your plants, but we do recommend you place them at 12” for best results. Don’t forget to utilize side lighting as well, to provide your plants with the most light possible for your space. Follow the spectrum progression that PowerVEG recommends, and remember that if you are only using PowerVEG lamps you’ll want to reduce your light time by about 20%. Since the lights are calibrated to produce high amounts of UV and better quality spectrum, your plants won’t need as much time under the stage specific lights. If you are using a 50/50 ratio of standard T5 lights to PowerVEG lamps, you can keep your lighting times the same.

The Eye PowerVEG extended line lamps are specifically designed to promote extreme photosynthesis for each stage of your plants’ growth cycle, ensuring that you get a yield equal in quality to that produced by an HIC light. This is a hobby gardener’s best option to produce the highest quality yield.  

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