How to Safely Germinate Seeds

Q: I've got a few very rare and expensive seeds that I need to germinate. How should I get them started?

A: To insure the best possible success, there are a couple of simple, but important things you can do.

Our best recommendation is to use a quality starter plug like the General Hydroponics Rapid Rooters, and soak them in BioAg Full-Power Humic Acid (mixed as per their seed-starting instructions on the bottle) prior to adding the seeds. By using the humic/fulvic acid supplement, you should get a very strong, fast, and healthy start. Maintain the PH of the water you use on the seeds (both to soak the plugs, and to water them) at 6.0 to 6.2. If you don't have anything to adjust the PH, the General Hydroponics PH Control Kit is a good start.

Proper light is very important for new seedlings, and "cool" spectrum T5 bulbs are perfect for the process. Here's a link to a great seed starting light: SunBlaster T5-24 If you've already got a fluorescent light system, make sure your bulbs are less than a year old for optimal output (this makes a huge difference to the plants).

Maintain the moisture level in the plugs - never too wet (may rot the seeds or roots), and definitely never let them completely dry out. You'll only need to use the BioAg for the initial soaking of the plugs, after that you'll just use the PH corrected water to water them.

I'd avoid tap water on the sensitive seedlings too. If you don't have an RO system, find some bottled water that has been "purified by reverse osmosis" at your local grocery store.

You can use the BioAg Ful-Power throughout the rest of the vegetative and flowering cycles, it's a great product. By using it for the seed-starting process and maintaining the correct PH, you'll insure that the seeds will get everything they need every step of the way.

After that, transferring them to your containers or hydroponics system is a very delicate process. You may have to hand water the plugs every few days until the roots really start to develop. Don't overwater! The seedlings will do better if they are carefully forced to go looking for moisture. Never let them go completely dry either, just watch them closely and water as necessary. Follow your specific nutrient manufacturers instructions for seedling strength nutrient solution, and maintain the PH of your water.