Humboldt County's Own Deep Breath

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Humboldt County's Own Deep Breath

Brace yourself for incredible growth when you use Humboldt County’s Own Emerald Triangle Deep Breath in conjunction with G-10. Meant to be used during the vegetative and pre-bloom phases, this vitamin and honey-based booster will bulk up your plants and prime them for explosive growth.

When using the Deep Breath/G-10 combo, we suggest applying Deep Breath during the early stages of growth and then adding G-10 during the third week of bloom. After that, you should see incredible yields in just 10 days.


  • Foliar spray: Spray ½ teaspoon per gallon every other day
  • Hydroponics: Use ½-1 teaspoon per gallon
  • Media: Use 1 teaspoon per gallon every feeding beginning in the vegetative phase and continue through the second week of bloom
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