Humboldt Nutrients Royal Flush

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Humboldt Nutrients Royal Flush

Use Humboldt Nutrients Royal Flush to produce the cleanest, sweetest, most flavorful harvests.

Royal Flush supercharges the flushing process by grabbing and binding undesirable salts and heavy minerals together, then stripping these larger particles out of your plants through their vascular system.

Royal Flush can be applied to flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, berries or any other type of plant.

Used in the final weeks of bloom, it is effective with plants grown in soil, potting mixes, soilless rooting media and hydroponics. Use indoors or outdoors.

Application rate:

Drain to waste hydroponics - use 5-10 mL per gallon water in reservoir + top feed flush
Recirculating hydroponics - use 5-10 mL per gallon water and run system 20-60 minutes
Soil - use 5-10 mL per gallon water
Read instructions on bottle for more information.

When you use Royal Flush, flowers are more aromatic and fruits have more flavor.

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