Humboldt Nutrients FlavorFul - 1 quart

Humboldt Nutrients FlavorFul - 1 quart

Humboldt Nutrients Verde - 1 quart

Humboldt Nutrients Verde - 1 quart

Humboldt Nutrients Sea Cal - 1 quart

Humboldt Nutrients Sea Cal - 1 quart
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Humboldt Nutrients' Sea Cal is a powerful fertilizer additive designed for hydroponics gardening, with any growing medium. Safely use it on your vegetables, flowers, or herbs!

Sea Cal is a highly concentrated growth enhancer that provides vital macro and micro nutrients in specific ratios during early plant development. The beneficial micro and macro nutrients in Sea Cal are coupled with seaweed extract, organic acid complexes, and natural chelating substances.

It also includes chelated calcium which is critical during your plant's vegetative cycle as it enhances the strength of cell wall structure and permeability. Calcium is absorbed by plant roots, but not always as efficiently as plants need. When you also apply Sea Cal as a foliar spray, stomatas absorb the calcium with greater efficiency, giving your plants the higher level of calcium they need for optimum health.

Adding Sea Cal to your existing nutrient regime will give you maximum flower production, improved plant structure, and heavy fruit yields!

Application rates:

Foliar Spray: use 5-10 mL per gallon of solution. Apply every 1-2 weeks.
Hydroponics: use 2 mL per gallon of nutrient solution
Soil: use 1-5 mL per gallon of water or fertilizer solution

Avoid storing in direct sunlight and protect from freezing.

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