Humboldt Roots - 500 mL

Humboldt Roots - 500 mL

ProZymE Biological Inoculant - 1 quart

ProZymE Biological Inoculant - 1 quart

Humboldt Roots - 250 mL

Humboldt Roots - 250 mL
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Made by Humboldt Nutrients, Humboldt Roots is a highly concentrated root stimulant that expands the root zone during the critical growth stage.

A large yield is directly related to a plant's metabolism rates, and plant metabolism rates are directly related to their root zones' uptake of nutrients and fertilizers.

Humboldt Roots was specifically designed to expand your plants' root zone, increasing uptake and resulting in healthier plants and larger yields.

Application rate:

Always mix in non-clorinated water!
Hydroponics - Add 2 mL per gallon nutrient solution throughout vegetative stage and first three weeks of the bloom stage.
Propagation - Add 2 mL per gallon non-chlorinated water. Soak rooting media with mixture prior to placing cuttings. Use throughout rearing stage. Suitable for aeroponic propagation.
Soil - Use 2 mL per gallon water. Use in conjunction with regular nutrient program throughout the vegetative stage and first three weeks of the bloom stage.

Humboldt Roots ingredients include:

Ascophyllum Nodosum
Humic Acids derived from leonardite
Potassium Humate
Quillaja Saponaria Extract
Amino Acids

Humboldt Roots doubles as a powerful cloning solution. Works great in clone machines, or in a passive tray and dome method. Once you've tried this product for cloning, you'll never use anything else. We swear by it! (You'll still need to dip your cuttings in your favorite cloning gel too).

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