Hurricane Flower - Storm Surge Silica

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Hurricane Flower - Storm Surge Silica

If you're looking for a quality supplement that's guaranteed to give you stronger, more resilient plants, then Storm Surge Silica from Hurricane Hydroponics is the supplement you want. It's a top-of-the-line potassium silicate supplement that works to encourage maximum plant growth, flower production, and yield in hydroponic plants. Silicon is officially a "plant beneficial substance"' as designated by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials, and is proven to strengthen outer tissues of plants.

Essentially, when silicon is absorbed by plants, it is taken and deposited in the outer walls of epidermal cells of both sides of leaves. There, it can form a sort of barrier between your plants and extreme environmental conditions as well as insects and foliar disease. It also works to strengthen the cell wall tissues and keep your plants healthy. Silicon is a biologically active element that increases plants' ability to tolerate environmental stressors like drought, chilling, and UV-B rays. It's also known to help increase chlorophyll production and photosynthesis in stressed plants, and reduce toxins from metals like iron and magnesium.

Storm Surge Silica is an exceptional supplement that's guaranteed to enhance the structure of cell walls, regulate gene expression to overcome negative effects of abiotic stress, increase antioxidant production, and neutralize toxic metals. It's a multi-faceted product that will give you stronger, healthier plants able to resist anything the environment throws at them.

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