Hurricane Hydroponics - Cal-Mag

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Cal-Mag

Experienced hydroponic growers know that sometimes, your base nutrient program isn't enough to get your plants to full capacity. Changes in environment, in your feeding cycle, and even sometimes in unforeseen plant responses can all cause your plants to stop growing at an optimal rate, typically because of a nutrient deficiency. If you're concerned your flowering or mature plants are suffering a nutrient deficiency, a supplement like Hurricane Cal-Mag might just be the solution you need. Research has shown that products with this unique blend of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, and iron have delivered the following results:

  • Accelerated cell division and growth
  • Healthier flowers and fruits as a result of an optimized metabolism
  • Improved production of essential oils and improved density of fruit
  • Reduction of deficiency related disorders like stem rot, blossom end rot, tip burn, and leaf chlorosis
  • Increased flower bud absorption
  • Improved nutritional quality of plants
  • Visibly healthier, more vigorous plant growth

So what helps deliver results like these? In this product, it's those four ingredients mentioned before: calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, and iron. Hurricane has worked hard to come up with the perfect formula containing these four ingredients, sure to give your plants the nutrient boost they need. Magnesium helps give your plants an energy boost, while calcium works to strengthen and fortify them. From leaves to stems all the way to the vascular system, this product will help strengthen your plants overall, so they're better able to take up water and nutrients, and reach their full growing potential.

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