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Hurricane Hydroponics - Converge

If you're a grower who employs sustainable horticulture and nursery management practices, you might be looking for a media amendment and media conditioner that's suited to your unique environment. Converge Horticulture, a calcium silicate based media amendment and media conditioner is exactly what sustainable nursery and horticulture growers need to rebalance soilless substrates.

Converge contains both calcium and silicon, which work to help strengthen plants, as well as correct the pH of your substrate, and neutralize any metal toxicity. Silicon is proven to be a biochemically active nutrient that is involved in a great deal of plant processes. It can elevate plants' defense mechanism, strengthen them against environmental stressors, and even protect against toxic metals. But silicon combined with calcium does even more than that. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to see from Converge:

pH Correction

The most obvious benefit of Converge Horticulture is its ability to correct pH. Even if your nursery or greenhouse starts out with the perfect pH balance, it's easy to come off balance, and it can change dramatically as your plants age, suck up more and more nutrients, and environmental factors change. Converge, when added to media and irrigated, works to wash away acidic ions that are affecting your pH balance. The calcium in the product also helps remove H and Al that sits on substrate surfaces, reducing reserve acidity.

Metal Toxicity Correction

After applying Converge to your plants, the product releases silicates that neutralize heavy metals like aluminum, manganese, and iron which in large doses, can be toxic to plants. What's more, silicates that form even after Converge has been administered will continue working to detoxify heavy metals.

Increased Tissue Strength

When silicon is absorbed by plants, it's transported throughout the plant, namely to outer tissues like branches and stems. When left there, it works to strengthen those cells, and improve plant resistance to insects and other foliar diseases. It's also proven to reduce cuticular transpiration in leaves.

Boosts Photosynthesis

The silicon in Converge also helps stressed plants increase chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, as it simultaneously reduces iron and magnesium toxicity.

Improves Plant Resistance to Abiotic Stress

Silicon, in addition to strengthening plant structure and boosting photosynthesis, is shown to modulate key areas of where plants receive stress. This means it can help your plants increase antioxidant production. This helps mitigate negative effects of environmental stressors like the cold, drought, heat, UV-B rays, and even metal toxicity.

In addition to all of the above benefits, Converge works to help plants resist salinity. Converge is the ideal supplement for anyone working to balance their substrate pH in sustainable horticulture or nursery environments. This product works to strengthen cell walls, protect plants against harsh environmental stressors, and neutralize metal toxicity, making it the ideal fit for your unique garden.

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