Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part I

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part I

Hurricane Flower Part I is the first part of the Hurricane Flower 3-part flowering concentrate system designed for any plant in any type of hydroponic system. Hurricane Hydroponics designed this program specifically to fit the needs of plants transitioning from the vegetative growing state to the flowering stage of their growth cycle. Most growers know that this transition is one that requires a different ratio of nutrients, as plants come to rely more heavily on phosphorous and potassium, rather than nitrogen. Hurricane Flower works to fill these needs by still providing all three of the essential macronutrients, but in a unique ratio that gradually decreases the amount of nitrogen supplied to your plants, without eliminating it. Just as the nitrogen is reduced, potassium and phosphorous are increased, ensuring your plants have the nutrients they need to produce bigger, more vigorous blooms.

While the nitrogen that remains in this unique concentrate works to support the photosynthesis that keeps your plants blooming, phosphorous and potassium are the two components that legitimately boost your blooms. Phosphorous shifts the plant from working to grow vegetative parts to working on blooms, and promotes development of additional flowering sites. Potassium ensures your plants continue to produce carbohydrates and sugars that supply the massive amounts of energy your plants need to continue blooming and fruiting.

In addition to the big three: phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium, secondary macronutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur work to keep your plants healthy and fortified so they can continue to bloom. Hurricane Flower also contains trace amounts of necessary, chelated micronutrients like Iron, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum, and Boron that work to positively affect your plant's growth, reproduction and ability to absorb nutrients.

Hurricane Flower is an ideal feeding regimen for any flowering or fruiting plant grown in a hydroponic garden. Hurricane Hydroponics has put a great deal of research and effort into creating the perfect fertilizer for plants transitioning into the flowering stage of growth. It makes use of the ratios of macro and micronutrients ideal for producing the high yield you're looking for.

Hurricane Flower part I contains a 0-2-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, and when combined with the other two parts of the Hurricane Flower, is the perfect blend of nutrients for any hydroponic grower's flowering plants. Additionally, the Hurricane Flower system is completely customizable, ensuring it works seamlessly with your favorite supplements, unique growing environments, and any stage of plant development.

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