Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part II

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part II

If you've been looking for a feeding system for your flowering plants that's well-balanced, and designed specifically for hydroponic gardens, then the Hurricane Flower 3-part flowering concentrate system from Hurricane Hydroponics is just what you need. This specific part of the Hurricane Flower system, Hurricane Flower part II, contains a 4-0-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. When combined with the other two parts of this system, it's exactly what you need for the exceptional blooming, and consequent heavy yield you're looking for.

The Hurricane Flower system makes use of the three essential macronutrients necessary for every plant's growth, but in a unique blend that ensures maximum success from your plants. In Hurricane Flower, nitrogen levels, which are so integral to the vegetative growth stage, are gradually decreased, but not eliminated. Potassium, and phosphorous, on the other hand, are increased. Potassium works to indirectly stimulate flower development by ensuring your plants continue to produce sugar to boost energy. Phosphorous is known by many growers as the secret to bigger blooms. It promotes the development of additional flowering sites, and improves flower formation.

But what makes Hurricane Flower better than other fertilizers for the flowering stage of plant development is the addition of secondary macronutrients, trace amounts of chelated micronutrients, and aminoN L-Amino acids. Each of these ingredients plays their own part in the blooming stage of development, from increasing plant's energy to boosting root systems, and they've been added specifically to ensure your plants reach their full potential when harvest time comes around.

The Hurricane Flower 3-Part Concentrate System is completely adaptable to your environment, your crop's development stage, and your unique culture system, because the folks at Hurricane Hydroponics believe growers should have the freedom to adapt their feeding regimens to suit their plants' needs. For a top-of-the-line product made from only quality, pharmaceutical grade components, the Hurricane Flower system is your ideal choice. 

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