Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part III

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part III

The Hurricane Flower 3-part flowering concentrate system was designed for all types of hydroponic systems, and the plants within them. This product specifically, Hurricane Flower part III, features a 1-8-5 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, ensuring each of the essential macronutrients is represented, but guaranteeing your plants get the most of what they truly need for flowering—phosphorous. Phosphorous has often been called the *secret* to bigger blooms. Its unique properties encourage additional flowering sites, and are also known to improve flower formation, bud and seed production, and root development. Potassium works to keep your plants producing carbohydrates and sugar, which they need to keep up energy to fortify blooms and fruits.

You will see less nitrogen in the Hurricane Flower program, and that's because your plants need less of it, as they're not producing vegetative cells at the same rate, and instead need more potassium and phosphorus to develop fruits and blooms. Hurricane Flower works to gradually decrease the amount of nitrogen your plants intake, without cutting it off immediately.

While the three essential macronutrients are included in most flowering fertilizers, Hurricane Flower goes a few steps further. You'll also see secondary macronutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, as well as chelated micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Copper, Boron, and Molybdenum, and finally Hurricane Hydroponics has added AminoN L-Amino Acids. Each of these ingredients work to help your plants transition from the vegetative stage, where nutrients are kept within the stem and leaves of the plant, to the upper portions of the plant, where blooming begins.

Secondary macronutrients work to increase energy, reduce plant stress, and keep your plants producing, while trace amounts of chelated micronutrients keep plants healthy. The AminoN L-Amino Acids are an amazing addition that ensure your plants don't have to waste energy creating their own amino acids, and can focus their energy instead on the blooms and fruits you're looking for out of them.

Best of all, the Hurricane Flower 3-part concentrate system is completely customizable, and can be altered to fit any grower's unique feeding regimen. Hurricane Hydroponics worked to make this product flexible so any grower, regardless of environment, culture system, or crop development stage, would have access to a quality flowering fertilizer that's guaranteed to produce exceptional results.

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