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Hurricane Hydroponics - NuHumic

NuHumic WDG from Hurricane Hydroponics is the ultimate humic acid supplement on the market today. Where other companies might advertise high levels of humic acid, only for the grower to find out that none of it is soluble, NuHumic is made from premium grade source materials like leonardite, which contains up to 85% humic acid. In addition to the fact that this product starts with superior materials, it's guaranteed to free up your soil like no other humic acid supplement out there, as Hurricane Hydroponics uses their own patented humic extraction process to ensure that NuHumic has the highest percent of soluble humic acid fractions released from the granular material.

It's well known that humic acid works as a complement to fertilizers, by neutralizing alkaline and acidic soils to free trapped trace elements within the media. What's less known, however, is that only soluble humic acid actually works in the soil. Humic acid that is not soluble will simply sit in your substrate, inactive. That's why it's critical that growers purchasing humic acid supplements know the percentage of soluble humic acid that will be released into the soil. There are a great deal of products out there that advertise high humic acid content, but that doesn't mean much if it isn't soluble.

NuHumic is a highly concentrated humic acid supplement that can be used in any hydroponic solution, or mixed into soil or soilless mixes. It's proven to improve plant health and vigor by freeing up trapped elements in container mixes, soil solutions to benefit your overall yield, flowering, bud development and your plants' resistance to stress. NuHumic essentially works to provide forms of organic matters that can enrich substrates that are deficient in that organic matter. It helps stop important nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous from leaching, and neutralizes soil that's too alkaline or acidic to release important trace elements within the substrate.

You should always feel free to ask questions regarding any humic acid supplement's source materials, and the percentage of humic acids that are legitimately released into the substrate to determine if a product is worth your money or not. And if you're ever in doubt, feel free to read the label on NuHumic; it won't disappoint!

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