Hurricane Hydroponics - State of Emergency

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Hurricane Hydroponics - State of Emergency

If your plants are entering into the early flowering stage of growth, and you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the massive yield you always wanted, it's time for State of Emergency. A top-of-the-line potassium and phosphorous nutrient supplement, State of Emergency contains the high levels of potassium and phosphorous your plants need to push them through to the end of the growing season, with huge flowers and fruits. It can be used in early flowering stages, as well as during the final stages of ripening in flowers, buds and fruits, when you need that push the most.

It's no secret that phosphorous and potassium do a lot to help your plants. They're two of the three essential macronutrients included in nearly every quality feeding regimen on the market, and they're most important in the last stages of growth:


Known to Hurricane Hydroponics as "The Energy Element," phosphorous is key to energy exchange in plants. It is responsible for storing energy that's needed to activate chemical reactions and conduct plant functions, and without it, your plants will simply wilt. In the transition to flowering phase, plants have to expend a lot of energy just to move nutrients and other important functions up to the top of the plant. Then, they need more energy to facilitate the growth of blooms, buds, and fruits. This transition can seriously drain plants of energy, which is where State of Emergency comes in. State of Emergency quickly restores depleted energy reserves, ensuring your plant has what it needs to continue flowering in a big way.


If phosphorous helps boost the quantity of flowers and fruits your plant can produce, then potassium helps boost the quality. Potassium is well-known as a key nutrient to boost carbohydrate production, and the movement of nutrients and water through the plant. Because plants have to move so much so far (all the way to the top of the plant in the flowering stages) potassium can get used up pretty quickly in the flowering state. Unfortunately, a lack of potassium means a lack of carbohydrates, which means less sugar is making its way to the fruits and flowers of your plants. This negatively affects flavor and aroma.

State of Emergency supplies that additional potassium your plants need to keep things moving, and ensures plenty of sugar carbohydrates are transferred into fruit and flower cells. What's more, additional potassium can work to improve your plants' immune system, which keeps them safe from insects and diseases, as well as environmental stresses while they're working on producing high-quality flowers.

If you're looking to produce the highest caliber yield you've ever seen, then State of Emergency is the product that can deliver. It satisfies the requirements your plants have for increased potassium and phosphorous, ensuring you see the following results:

  • Increased resilience to environmental stresses, diseases, and insects
  • Heavyweight fruit, as well as rapid ripening during critical last weeks of production
  • Elevated levels of aromas, essential oils, and flavors of fruits and flowers
  • Increased flower size, quality, and density

Growers should keep in mind that State of Emergency is a superior product, containing very high levels of both phosphorous and potassium. If you're already using an aggressive feeding regimen that's high in phosphorous and potassium, you may consider altering that program to best fit with State of Emergency.

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