Hurricane Hydroponics Storm Surge Silica

Hurricane Hydroponics Storm Surge Silica

Hurricane Hydroponics State of Emergency

State of Emergency is a powerful Phosphorus (P) – and Potassium (K) – based nutrient supplement formulated for use during early flowering, and during the final stages of ripening in flowers, buds and fruits.
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Hurricane Hydroponics State of Emergency
As plants transition from the vegetative stage, a great deal of energy is diverted to the production of flowers. As a result there is a high demand for phosphorus-based energy, and State of Emergency provides an extremely high quality pharmaceutical grade continual phosphorus source for the plants to utilize.

While phosphorus influences increased flower production and associated increased yields, potassium is closely associated with the quality of fruits and flowers.

Potassium increases carbohydrate metabolism that is needed for fruit and flower development. It is also used by the plant to regulate water and nutrient movement in plant cells. Potassium is therefore instrumental in moving sugars from photosynthate production points to flower, bud and fruiting sites.

Increased rigidity in plant stems is associated with adequate potassium levels. Plants also depend on potassium to regulate the opening and closing of stomates.
Growers interested in increasing yield via increased flower establishment and bud swell, will need a nutrient system proportionally higher in phosphorus. Growers will find that STATE OF EMERGENCY will satisfy this requirement.
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