Hurricane Hydroponics - Storm Cell

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Storm Cell

Any quality grower knows that to get good plants, you need good nutrients. That's why so many supplements, nutrients, and feeding regimens exist for plants during the vegetative and flowering growth cycles. The more nutrients your plants get in those critical life cycle stages, the better they'll produce when it comes time to harvest. But what a lot of growers don't know, is that it's equally as critical to provide your plants with nutrients when they're young. Seedlings and cuttings need just as much care as older plants that are already in the vegetative or flowering states. Without proper nutrition as seedlings, your plants won't be able to reach their full potential as they get older.

Now it's true that it can be difficult to find the right product to feed your seedlings. Many growers worry about nutrient toxicity, and avoid fertilizing cuttings and young plants as a result. But nutrient deficiency is just as dangerous to young plants as nutrient toxicity, and with the right product, delivering the right amount of nutrients in the proper ratio for seedlings and cuttings, you'll be able to feed your young plants with confidence. Storm Cell, from Hurricane Hydroponics, is that product. A 1-part nutritional concentrate for seedlings and cuttings grown in soilless media like coco coir, rockwool cubes and plugs, vermiculite, pearlite, and any other sort of inert mix, Storm Cell safely delivers the nutrients your young seedlings and cuttings need to start out strong.

When to apply Storm Cell?

During the germination process, any plant is initially dependent on the nutrients contained within its seed for food. But when the plant grows, and cotyledons begin to emerge, that young plant has to transition to photosynthesis, or it will run out of nutrients. This is a fragile time for most any plant, and most growers know to flood young plants at this stage with plenty of light, water, and a comfortable temperature. But if you don't also administer nutrients, you risk stunting the growth of the plant later on. That's why we recommend growers begin to apply Storm Cell regularly once cotyledons emerge, and the plant enters into the pre-growth, or autotrophic stage.

By applying Storm Cell throughout this autotrophic stage, just until the plant begins to demonstrate that vegetative growth has begun, you'll be providing your plants with the full spectrum of nutrients necessary to set them up for success. This nutritional concentrate will also ensure your plants experience a very smooth transition into the vegetative growth stage. If you plan on using a feeding program for the vegetative growth stage, that's just another reason to make sure you're using Storm Cell on your seedlings and rooted cuttings. Storm Cell will prepare plants for the aggressive nutrient solutions contained in quality feeding regimens like Hurricane Hydroponics' Tropical Storm.

Storm Cell is a top-of-the-line product containing all of the essential macronutrients your seedlings need, in addition to secondary macronutrients and helpful micronutrients. Perfectly blended together, the formula within Storm Cell ensures your plants get the food they need safely, without worry of nutrient toxicity damaging your little seedlings. When you use Storm Cell on your cuttings and seedlings, you can rest assured that you'll see those plants grow to their full capacity, and bring you the yield you're looking for.

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