Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part I

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Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part I

If you've been looking for a comprehensive feeding regimen for your plants' vegetative state, the Tropical Storm 3-part Vegetative Growth System is a quality option that's easily customized to fit any nutrient or supplement you're already using. While all parts of this growth system contain Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K), the Veg I product features a 1-1-4 ratio, ensuring your plants get the optimal nutrient combination for their earlier stages of growth.

Hurricane Hydroponics has created this vegetative growth system through extensive research and all that hard work has paid off. They've used only pharmaceutical grade components in this growth system, in order to provide you with a stable fertilizer base that contains all the essential minerals and nutrients your plants need for aggressive root development and exceptional growth responses.

The nitrogen in Tropical Storm Veg I is one of the most important macronutrients for any plant, and will work to encourage the formation of amino acids, chlorophyll, and co-enzymes. As the nitrogen encourages protein synthesis, the phosphorous in this fertilizer will help regulate it. Phosphorous is an integral part of the nucleic acid structure within your plants, and its inclusion in this product ensures your plants see increased cell division and successful development of new tissue. The final major macronutrient, potassium, is associated with the movement of carbohydrates, nutrients, and water in plant tissue. Research has shown that potassium also helps stimulate early growth, which is why you'll see a lot of it in this first part of the three part Tropical Storm system.

The team at Hurricane Hydroponics knew that any superior vegetative growth system would need a lot more than just the three essential macronutrients. That's why they've made sure to include secondary macronutrients, as well as chelated trace minerals proven to help your plants absorb greater quantities of nutrients, so they can grow stronger, sturdier stems to support a large yield come harvest time. You'll find that the Tropical Storm vegetative growth series of fertilizers also contain Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur, all important nutrients that support a well-balanced feeding cycle for your plants, as well as micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, and Boron. Each of these macro and micronutrients work to support the growth and development of your plants throughout the vegetative cycle of their lives.

When you use Hurricane Hydroponics' Tropical Storm 3-part vegetative growth system, you'll see your plants flourish, developing aggressive and complex root systems that optimize photosynthesis, amino acid and protein synthesis, as well as metabolic processes that will support your plant's yield later in its cycle. This is a superior product created with the highest caliber of research and quality ingredients, and you'll see exceptional results in your plant's vegetative growth cycle when used regularly.

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