Hurricane Hydroponics - White Squall

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Hurricane Hydroponics - White Squall

Hydroponic gardens have a ton of benefits for most growers, but like any garden system, they have a few unique challenges of their own. One such challenge is the mineral deposits and biofilm that can build up, clog your system, choke out your plants, and damage your equipment. This sort of buildup just sort of comes with the territory of hydroponic gardens, but it doesn't mean you need to live with it. There are all sorts of products out there that can help you fight troublesome buildup, but one of our personal favorites is White Squall from Hurricane Hydroponics.

An all-purpose product, White Squall is considered a multi-functional oxidizing water treatment, which means it can handle anything from mineral deposits to algae to fungi to biofilm. What's best though, is that White Squall also works as a preventative product. That means that even after the minerals and bacteria are gone, White Squall functions to make your system's water inhospitable for pesky microbes that can form more buildup and restart the problem. This additional prevention ensures that once you use White Squall, your plants are as safe as possible from future dangers in your system's water.

The White Squall multi-functional oxidizing water treatment primarily relies on hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is an oxyacid of chlorine that is both impressively effective, and extremely safe for use by humans and on plants. HOCl is completely non-toxic, and is actually produced by human immune cells to fight infection. Because HOCl is so safe to use, it can be applied to your hydroponic garden at any point in the growing season. It will not harm plants or cause root burn, and can even be used as a final flush to reduce residual mineral buildup.

Because HOCl is a chlorine species, it functions best when used in pH controlled environments that range from 2.0 to 7.0. This is the range that allows it to exist as the dominant chlorine species in your system, which ensures it can do it's job to break apart any buildup you're dealing with.

Descaling with White Squall

If you're using White Squall to descale your hydroponic system, it's good to know that the HOCl in the product reacts with the calcium and magnesium carbonates that make up the scale in your system. This reaction causes the scale to form into chloride salt instead of scale, which is highly soluble. Once the reaction forms the soluble salts, they're easy to remove from your system. Additionally, the oxidative property that White Squall contains will break apart structures within other organic matter in your nutrient solution tanks. This ensures you don't have any sites that might attract additional buildup, and makes it easy to simply wash away any biofilm or organic matter remnants. This is just another part of White Squall's ability to prevent more buildup from starting.

Dissolving Biofilms with White Squall

White Squall is also an effective product to dissolve biofilm, as the HOCl works to break apart bonds between bacteria cells that create the matrices that make up biofilms. These biofilms create and spread diseases, in addition to the fact that they're just not that pleasant to look at, and they gunk up your system. Biofilms pose a constant threat to any hydroponic system, but it's good to know that you don't have to live with them.

A quality product like White Squall can easily break them down completely, without leaving a single cell behind to regenerate the film. Best of all, after a biofilm has been dissolved, any leftover materials or microbe remnants will be unable to grow, because White Squall also works to increase Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) levels in your water. With raised ORP levels, microbes and bacteria are unable to survive in the water within your hydroponic system, and cannot form larger, more harmful buildup.

White Squall is the ideal multi-functional oxidizing water treatment that's perfectly safe to use on plants. It does not harm plants, will not cause root burn, and actually makes life much better for your plants. Growers who use White Squall have found their plants' root systems to be larger, and much whiter. What's more, roots living in a White Squall treated environment are much less susceptible to diseases like root rot. Because your plants will be living in a clean, healthy environment, they'll have much more energy to put to growing, instead of fending off disease, ensuring you get that amazing yield you're looking for.

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