Hydro-Logic Blue Tubing 1/4-inch x 50-foot

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Hydro-Logic Blue Tubing 1/4-inch x 50-foot

Are the water lines wearing out on your Hydro-Logic reverse osmosis or water filtration system?

These tubing replacements are the same as the original tubes that comes with your Hydro-Logic system.

Use this tubing to replace those that are worn out, or replace the existing tubing with a longer length to install your water purification system in a more handy location.


HBT204 - Blue tubing diameter = 1/4" / measures 50' long.

HBT205 - Blue tubing diameter = 3/8" / measures 50' long.

HWT212 - White tubing diameter = 1/2" / measures 25' long.

This tubing is exclusively for use with Hydro-Logic water filtration systems.

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