All-In-One Cloning Package #4

All-In-One Cloning Package #4

Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber

Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber
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Tired of worrying about those pesky rodents, environmental complications and cultivation techniques? We introduce you to the Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber, that takes agriculture to another level of growing... in your home. It is a technique to grow your plants inside. Curious to how the system works? It is user-friendly due to the platform that holds the plants, floats atop the nutrient solution. An air pump gives air to the air stone that bubbles the nutrient solution and provides oxygen to the plants.

Some of the appealing aspects about the Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber is it’s energy efficiency of using less than 1kWh daily of electricity consumption and its harvest time is reduced by 30%. A digital clock is displayed for light period power settings that also controls the air pump that contains 3 pre programmed settings. This Growth Chamber uses stainless steel material and a full spectrum LED light. It is a sterile environment cultivation that produces no nitrate residue. It has a 5 gallon water tank capacity and provides for 32 grow sites. The power consumption is 54 watts at 110Vac.


  • 100-240Vac power adaptor
  • 32-cell Styrofoam plant starter basin
  • Quick installation guide
  • 54 watt LED panel
  • Seed starting tray and dome
  • 40 grow sponges
  • Sample nutrients
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