Hydrofarm Powerhouse Ballasts

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Hydrofarm Powerhouse Ballasts

When you say "grow lights" you mean Hydrofarm, and Hydrofarm grow lights mean business. Hydrofarm has been perfecting HID ballast design since 1977. The Hydrofarm Powerhouse ballast has evolved into one of the most durable brands on the market today.

The Powerhouse ballast is made with a tough aluminum exterior construction. Its offset high/low component design makes it cooler than any other ballast. Cooler components mean higher performance and longer ballast life.

ISO-mount with silencer technology assures noise and vibration free performance. The dual voltage feature allows you to operate the Powerhouse ballast on either 110V or 220V circuits for maximum flexibility (220/240 power cord available separately). It has a detachable lamp plug, sturdy rubber feet and a convenient carrying handle with keyhole cutouts for easy ceiling or wall mounting.

Powerhouse ballasts are THE best magnetic ballasts currently manufactures in the USA! They are built using the American National Standards Institute specifications ensuring a quality, top-of-the-line lighting ballast.

The Powerhouse Convertible ballast is designed to handle either halide or sodium bulbs - each option has seperate wire leads. Bulb choice is determined with the flip of a switch. Save the cost of using 2 differents ballasts - one during the growing stage, then another for the blooming/fruiting stage. The Powerhouse Convertible does both!

Dimensions:13.5" H x 7.5" W x 8.5" D (including handle)

Does not include reflector or bulb.

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