Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer - 4 liter

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer - 1 gallon

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer - 1 quart

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer - 1 quart
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Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer is a premium plant supplement used during the reproductive fruiting and flowering phase of a plants life cycle. Replacing Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer, this new balanced formula is effective for both hydroponics and soil.

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer is a great source for enchancing maximum fruit and flower development. It contains ample phosphorous, potassium, and sulfur to enhance yields and fruit, flower development.

When you add Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer to your existing nutrient program you'll see increased flowers and fruits.

Not only does Hydroplex promote essential plant oils and natural sugar production, it also boosts resistance to external stresses for an overall healthier garden by enhancing enzyme and vitamin development.

Application rate: use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per gallon during fruiting and flowering phases.

A little go a long way!

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