Rotating hydroponics gardens

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Imagine a wheel of your favorite plants constantly revolving round and round...

Rotating Gardens are fascinating... They're like a Ferris wheel filled with plants!

These unique systems combine HID lighting and ebb-and-flow hydroponics, all in one unit.

The rotating gardens place stress on the plants with the upside-down motion which forces short, compact stems for better nutrient uptake. The end results creates an increased yield from your plants!

Grow large volumes of plants using small amounts of floor space. Ideal for cuttings, yet these rotating gardens will support full grown plants.

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Bonzai Rotating Hydroponics Systems

These compact rotating gardens will grow an unprecedented number of plants in a very small space. The BONSAI is actually an ebb and flow system on steroids.
$3,395.00 - $4,800.00

The B-Pod Rotating Garden

‚ÄčThe B-Pod Rotating Garden- "The Buzz starts with B-Pod!" The B-Pod line is the ideal rotary growing system for beginners as well as skilled users. The wheel rotates slowly, and the flood tray is filled to coincide with a single rotation of the wheel so all of the plants will receive water and nutrients. We currently offer 3 models in the B-Pod line with different growing capacity and space requirements. So choose a model that's right for you.
$3,500.00 - $4,500.00
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