Vertical Hydroponics Gardens

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Vertical hydroponics gardens use a watering arrangement similar to top-feed drip hydroponics.

That's where the similarities end. The average height of a vertical hydroponics system is six foot tall!

These innovative hydroponics structures are built to take very little floor space yet hold up to 300 plants.

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Coliseum Vertical Garden

Increase the light consumption and plant yield all while reducing water usage with The Coliseum. This stack-able, cylindrical, vertical indoor hydroponics garden will allow you grow even in the smallest areas.
$4,405.00 - $5,585.00

Cage Vertical Cylindrical Gardens

The Cage and Colossal Cage Gardens, from Probio, are made up of 6-plant-site vertical poles that make it possible to grow plants floor to ceiling!
$1,195.00 - $2,095.00
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