Jump Start Peat Pellets - 36 pack

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Jumpstart Coco Pellets - 36 pack

These fast-expanding, earth-friendly peat pellets are the refills used with the Hydrofarm Jump Start Pellet Greenhouses.

No additional nutrients are needed as Jump Start Peat Plugs already include exactly what seedlings need for a healthy start.

Biodegradable JumpStart Peat Plugs don't have any netting that might harm delicate plant roots.

They provide excellent aeration of plant roots and have great water retention, while being low in sodium.

Ideal for seed germination, Jump Start Peat Plugs provide excellent drainage to help prevent root rot.

When your plants have sprouted an initial set of leaves and a healthy network of roots, they are ready to be transplanted. Young plants may be planted into a larger pot, into your hydroponics system or in your outdoor garden.

Jump Start refill pellets do not have retail store packaging so expect them in a food storage bag.

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