Kessil H150 Gooseneck Mounting Arm - 24 inch

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Kessil H150 Gooseneck Mounting Arm - 24 inch

Kessil H150 Gooseneck is a stationary mounting arm to be used with Kessil H150 LED lights.

The Gooseneck mounting arm is flexible so you can aim the beam in any direction to deliver light where your plants need it most.

Designed to mount on grow tent posts, the H150 Gooseneck Arm gives you unlimited directionality.

The ingenious design makes it simple to mount onto the body of the grow light - simply unscrew two (2) existing screws, line up the mounting plate and tighten them down again. The base of the mount then slips over a grow tent pole.

Gooseneck mounting arm is 24-inches long.

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