High Pressure Sodium Lamps

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High pressure sodium (HPS) lights are the only lights comparable to metal halide growlights. They have good spectral distribution, but sodium lights can not compare to halide in the blue end of the spectrum. Just in the same way, Metal Halide lights can’t compete with HPS (high pressure sodium) in the red end of the spectrum. Sodium bulbs are particularly high in the yellow and red regions of the spectrum that light fruiting and flowering plants like best. Because of the focus on red light, some varieties of plants grown with sodium lights alone can become elongated and leggy.

HPS grow lights do, on the other hand, stimulate flower and fruit production more efficiently than halide. HPS (high pressure sodium) bulbs also have a much longer life expectancy than halides, lasting up to two (2) years!

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Ushio 1000W HPS HiLUX GRO DE Pro Plus


Par Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp


Hortilux 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS


250W Eye Hortilux Super HPS Lamp

30500 $61.50

250W G.E. - Standard Universal HPS Bulb

28500 $13.75

400W Digilux HPS Digital Bulbs - case of 6

50000 $399.95

400W Digilux HPS Digital Bulb

50000 $69.95

400W Gavita HPS bulb with BuiltIn Reflector


400W Eye Hortilux Super HPS Lamp


400W G.E. - Standard Universal HPS Bulb

50000 $13.75

400W Ushio Enhanced Performance HPS Lamp

56000 $56.95

600W Ultra Sun EP Super HPS Lamp

90000 $41.95

600W Sunmaster Super HPS Deluxe Bulb

90000 $63.95

600W Eye Hortilux Super HPS Lamp

88000 $78.95

600W Standard Universal HPS Bulb

90000 $78.95

600W Agrosun Red Sodium Bulb

90000 $69.95

600W Ushio Enhanced Performance HPS Lamp

97000 $78.95

1000W Digilux HPS Digital Bulb

145000 $79.95

1000W Ultra Sun Dual Arc HPS/MH Lamp

110000 $93.50

1000W Eye Hortilux Super Blue Lamp

110000 $172.95

1000W Sunmaster Super HPS Deluxe Bulb

150000 $74.95

1000W Eye Hortilux Super HPS Lamp

145000 $54.95

1000W Sylvania - Standard Universal HPS Bulb

140000 $39.95

1000W Agrosun Red Sodium Bulb

146000 $79.95

1000W OptiLUME Universal HPS Lamp

140000 $49.95

1000W Ultra Sun HPS Lamp

140000 $39.95

1000W Ushio Enhanced Performance HPS Lamp

146000 $89.95

1500 W Master Blaster HPS Lamp

206000 $109.95
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