Sunlight Supply Indoor Grow Light System Packages

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Our Sunlight Supply Sun System lighting system packages include ballast and reflector. If the reflector does not include a built-in cordset, we add the correct cordset so you have everything you need to get started.

As you build your Sunlight Supply light system you will see a drop down menu that lets you choose an optional bulb. These bulbs are specific to the ballast you've chosen so there's no guesswork involved - we've made everything compatible.

There are 3 simple steps to creating your custom grow light system. First you choose the type and wattage of your ballast. The second page lists all of the compatible reflectors, so choose the hood you want. On that same page you have the third choice of an optional bulb if you need one.

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Step 1: Choose your preferred Sunlight Supply ballast and wattage:
(click ballast name for more info)

Galaxy Grow Amp Galaxy Grow Amp
with Sun System Reflectors
Hardcore Switchable Ballast Hardcore Switchable
with Sun System Reflectors
Harvest Pro Ballast Harvest Pro Ballast
with Sun System Reflectors
Lumatek SS Ballast Lumatek Ballast (SS plug)
with Sun System Reflectors

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