Sunleaves HID Reflectors

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Sunleaves manufactures economical HID grow lights.

As an employee-owned company, Sunleaves strives to be an environmentally conscious company.

Their HID reflectors have the best light broadcast and penetration.

Cobra 6 AC Reflector

The Sunleaves Cobra 6 air-cooled reflector can give some serious teeth to the grow light capacities of your indoor garden.

Cobra 8 AC Reflector

The interior of the Sunleaves Cobra 8 is lined with a European aluminum insert that provides 95% reflectivity to make the most of the light produced by your lamp.

King Cobra 6 Reflector

The King Cobra 6 is the largest reflector in the Sunleaves Predator Series!

King Cobra 8 Reflector

The King Cobra 8 is prewired so its simply Plug N' Play! This is the largest reflector in the Sunleaves Predator Series!

Sunspot 10 AC Reflector

The Sunleaves Sunspot 10 air-cooled reflector features a hinged lens enclosure that provides a completely airtight seal, plus the socket mounting bracket is designed to maximize airflow through the 10-inch flanges.

Sunspot 6 Econo Reflector

Provides great light broadcast and penetration for your indoor garden, at an affordable price.

Sunspot 8 AC Reflector

The Sunleaves Sunspot 8 air-cooled reflector features a heavy-duty housing, enamel-coated exterior finish and specular German Alanod interior for maximum light exposure.

Viper 6 AC Reflector

From the Predator Lighting series, the Sunleaves Plug N' Play Viper 6 air cooled reflector gives you quality equipment at an affordable price.
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