Sunlight Supply Reflectors

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Sun System HID reflectors from Sunlight Supply are some of the best quality available.

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If you need both ballast and reflector, you might want to check out our Sunlight Supply grow light system packages.

AC/DE - 8" Double Ended Air-Cooled Reflector

Specifically created for the new double-ended bulbs, this reflector is an 8" ducted model offers a unique double ended constructions for increased efficiency.

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Large HID Reflector

The Adjust-A-Wing Large reflector design combines cutting edge science with simplicity to generate unparalleled performance and versatility.

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Medium HID Reflector

The Adjust-A-Wing design combines cutting edge science with simplicity to create a reflector of amazing performance and versatility. When assembled, flexed and tensioned, the wings give you a rigid, lightweight, double parabolic HID reflector.

Adjust-A-Wing Double Ended Reflector

Adjustable double ended reflector that combines cutting edge science with simplicity.

Blockbuster Reflector 6 inch Air-Cooled with cordset

The Sun Sytem Blockbuster 6-inch Air-Cooled reflector has a square shape that perfectly covers a 4 x 4 foot growing area.

Blockbuster Reflector 8 inch Air-Cooled with cordset

The interior of the Sun Sytem Blockbuster 8-inch Air-Cooled reflector has 95% reflective European aluminum that provides optimum reflectivity and diffusion for uniform light throughout your garden.

EconoWing HID Reflector

The EconoWing is a manufactured with 95% reflective textured aluminum to provide maximum light diffusion. It has heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket and chrome V hooks for hanging.

Magnum XXXL 6 inch Air-Cooled Reflector

The Sun System Magnum XXXL 6 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the one of the largest HID hoods available!

Magnum XXXL 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector

The Sun System Magnum XXXL 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the largest available!

Silver Sun HID Reflector

The Sun System Silver Sun HID reflector is a good fit for a square shaped garden.

Sun System Digital 250/400

The convenience of the Sun System Digital 250/400 is unmatched. Simply flip a switch and your grow light converts between 250 watts and 400 watts!

Sun System Dominator XXXL 6"

Get the proper light to your plants with the Sun Systems Dominator XXXL 6" reflector. It is durible, easy to use, and air-cooled!.

Sun System Dominator XXXL 8"

Bring light to your indoor garden with the Sun System Dominator XXXL 8! Featuring a durable body and textured aluminium to reflect and diffuse the light.

Sun Tube Reflector

The Sun Tube reflector works well as a regular horizontal light or it can supplement your existing garden light by being hung vertically at the edge of or into the canopy of your plants. The interior reflector can easily be removed for 360° light dispersion!

Vertizontal HID Reflector

The Vertizontal reflector gives flexibility you won't find elsewhere! This amazing lightweight reflector can be hung vertically OR horizontally to accomodate your gardening needs.

Yield Master 6" Air-Cooled Reflector

The Sun System Yield Master 6" Air-Cooled Reflector offers highly reflective textured aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity.

Yield Master 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector

Yield Master 8” Air-Cooled Reflector provides your indoor garden with uniform lighting with its aluminium interior and features a heavy duty galvanized steel housing with a white powder coat.
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