Micro-Pore Air Diffuser - Single

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Micro-Pore Air Diffuser - Single

Micro-Pore Air Diffusers increase the oxygen level in your hydroponics nutrient solution. Often referred to as a bubbler, these glass air stones are safe to use and will not react with your nutrients. Known to extend the life of nutrient solutions for all types of hydroponics.

Durable Micro-Pore Diffusers produce smaller, more prolific of bubbles for maximum aeration. They are easy to clean and will last a life time with proper handling. Will not clog or break down like compressed silicates diffusers. Connect with 3/8 inch ID tubing.

Single Micro-Pore is suited for smaller hydroponic reservoirs up to about 25 gallons It measures six inches long.

Double Micro-Pore is designed for larger hydroponic reservoirs and combines 2 bubblers with a final size of about six inches square.

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