MovinCool 60,000 BTU Semi Portable A/C Unit

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MovinCool 60,000 BTU Portable A/C Unit

MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor 60,000 BTU Air Conditioner - Classic 60

It can be difficult to keep your garden cool in the heat of the summer. Excessive heat can stress plants, which negatively affects your bloom and yield, and typically leads to wilted flowers. Keep your garden cool this year with the MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Semi-Portable A/C Classic 60 unit. Possibly the easiest-to-use model on the market, this A/C unit offers 60,000 BTU/h of cooling and can be placed either outdoors or indoors. That's right, your outdoor garden can now maintain comfortable temperatures, even in adverse weather. This unit is portable and features a self-contained design that protects it from all sorts of weather conditions. And all you need to do to get your unit up and running is plug it in and turn it on. There's no third-party required, you just set your unit up wherever you need it, and start cooling. (Exhaust duct required in most situations). The Classic 60 features user-friendly Digital Temperature Controls that offer automatic operation. Additionally, you can configure these units to your specific garden set-up, with any of the compatible accessories offered. To keep your garden nice and cool this summer, the MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Classic 60 model is an ideal choice.

This units has a noise level of 72 dB(A), and a max duct length of 40ft on both the condenser and supply air in varies. Operation conditions are 75° - 115°F.

Model Specific Specs:

  • Classic 60:
  • Unit weight: 474 lbs unboxed; 566 boxed
  • Dimensions: 32 in W x 49 in D x 42 in T
  • Power: 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460V power
  • Power Consumption: 8.8 amps and 5900 watts.
  • 20 amp max fuse protection dedicated circuit is recommended

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