Natures Nectar Potassium

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Natures Nectar Potassium

Nature's Nectar Potassium is part of a nutrient trio that gives you individual N-P-K components to mix your own customized fertilizer and treat deficiencies, just like the professionals.

Nature's Nectar™ is the leading all natural nutrient line in commercial food and fruit production.

It is the first organic, chemical-free nutrient group that is compatible with hydroponics, soil, coco gardening and drip irrigation!

Made strictly for organic hydroponics growing, Nature's Nectar™ solutions contain no sediment. They are completely soluble so all nutrients are instantly available to your plants. There is no need to adjust the pH! It is recommended to NOT use air bubblers in the reservoir.

Nature's Nectar Potassium:

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis is Soluble Potash (K20) 5.0%
Alginic acid ensures translocation of potassium into plant
Includes simple and complex carbohydrates
Also contains cytokinins to increase number of flower sites
Builds plants' immune system
Derived from sargassum kelp, laminariales kelp, potassium hydroxide

Application Rate: use 2-1/2 teaspoon per gallon

Buy individually or in an NPK TRIO set that includes 1 bottle of Nature's Nectar Nitrogen, Nature's Nectar Phosphorus and Nature's Nectar Potassium.

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