NextLight Mini LED Growlight

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NextLight Mini LED Growlight

Do you have a small garden that could use a little light? Then the Nextlight Mini LED Growlight is the option for you. A small bulb that runs on just 150w, the Mini is a powerful LED Growlight that sports the full, highly-acclaimed NextLight full spectrum. With just this one light, you'll get a 2ft x 2ft flower footprint, or a 3ft x 3ft vegetative footprint, and no additional heat. The Mini is perfect for small spaces with little ventilation, or those that are relatively restricted, since it doesn't use much energy, and it doesn't produce heat. And thanks to NextLight, you get a quality spectrum that provides all of the good qualities your plants love about sunlight, without the negatives of added heat or high energy requirements.

The Mini is covered by a 5 year full manufacturer warranty, and with a 100,000 hour life rating, the hassle of constantly changing bulbs will become a thing of the past. Add that to the Mini's unprecedented 1.73 PPF/Watt energy rating, and this is one of the most convenient, and energy efficient lights on the market today.

For a light that fits into tight spaces, and provides faster growth, tighter internodal spacing, and increased overall production, the Mini LED Growlight from NextLight is your first choice.

When you purchase a Mini LED Growlight, you will receive:

  • 2 V Hooks
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 NextLight Commercial Series Mini Fixture w/ 120v Connected Power Cord

Our new NextLight LED growlights are the welcome beginning of a new generation of vegetative growth promoting growlights for our gardens. NextLight's spectrum is perfect for promoting aggressive rooting and tight compact vegetative growth in plant clones and seedlings, and for promoting vegetative growth of all plants. We've tested the heck out of these lights in our greenhouse, comparing them side-by-side with T5 fluorescent fixtures, and find that the NextLight LED fixtures are comparable in output to a T5 fixture with brand new bulbs, but superior to T5's due to their cool running temperature and longevity. And unlike T5 fluorescent bulbs (which should be replaced every 6-9 months for best results), the NextLight bulbs don't measurably degrade in their output over time- they continue to produce "day 1" high output for the entire life of the fixture. We've also found NextLight fixtures to be perfect for bonsai trees and houseplants, helping to promote healthy compact long-term growth.

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