NPK RAW Calcium / Mag 9-0-0

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NPK RAW Calcium / Mag 9-0-0

High quality dry soluble plant supplement that contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium to help tweak your nutrients to your own taste.

Address calcium and magnesium deficiencies directly with this calcium and magnesium supplement, or customize "super soil" blends to your own exact specifications. Calcium is essential for living organisms, where movement of the calcium ion functions as an important signal for many cellular processes. Along with the other NPK RAW products, you can even create your own nutrient formulas from scratch!

Since this product is soluble, please note that you can just mix this into your soil blends or nutrients directly, and it will melt down and be immediately accessible to your plants.

Directions for use: Add 1/16 to 1/8 tsp. per gallon in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.

NPK: 9-0-0

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