Cyco Plant Fertilizers and Nutrients


Established in 2008, Cyco proudly manufactures and distributes the Cyco Platinum Series brand. Cyco utilizes the latest technologies and source only the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for their products.

Cyco B1 Boost

​B1 Boost maximizes growth potential and helps heal plants after fresh cuttings.
$31.50 - $117.95

Cyco Bloom A & B

High performance set of balanced nutrients that aid in the flower development cycle of plants.
$8.95 - $24.95

Cyco Dr. Repair

​Protect your plant from environmental stresses and treat chlorosis with Cyco Dr. Repair.
$28.95 - $59.95

Cyco Grow A & B

Featuring balanced nutrients that easily absorbed and utilized, Cyco Grow A and Grow B are high performance nutrients perfect for your plants.
$8.95 - $24.95

Cyco Kleanse

Cyco Kleanse is a specially formulated additive that is designed to rid your growing environment from micronutrients, cationic nutrients, and metals.
$12.95 - $37.95

Cyco Mini ProKit - Bloom

​Enhance the productivity of your plants during their bloom phase with the Cyco Mini Pro Kit (Bloom).

Cyco Mini ProKit - Growth

​Enhance the productivity of your plants during their growth phase with the Cyco Mini Pro Ktt (Growth).

Cyco Platinum ProKit

The Platinum series Cyco Pro Kit includes everything you need to grow your plants from start to finish.

Cyco Potash Plus

Potash Plus improves your plant's environment by balancing nitrate and other nutrients, increasing the nutrient uptake efficiency of your plant.
$14.75 - $43.95

Cyco Recovery Kit

The Recovery Kit is a great value when it comes to having all the additives you need for revitalizing a stagnant plant.

Cyco Ryzofuel

Cyco Ryzofuel stimulates root growth and will ensure green, luscious plants by using with and fertilizer program you have in place. It can even help struggling plants when used as a foliar spray.
$33.95 - $209.95

Cyco Silica

Silica is an essential nutrient for growing in hydroponic mediums, providing your plants with essential nutrients. ​
$22.95 - $88.50

Cyco Suga Rush

Boosts photosynthesis in hydroponic and non-soil environments by providing your plants with vital nutrients.
$25.95 - $72.50

Cyco Supa Stiky

Help increase you plants fruit size and quality with the Cyco Supa Stiky additive. It is perfectly safe for food production and helps increase flavor and aroma.
$37.95 - $169.95

Cyco Swell

​Encourage bloom and increase growth during the flowering stages of your plants with Cyco Swell.
$29.75 - $132.95

Cyco Uptake

​Enhance the balance between mineral and trace elements, and promote your plant's overall health with Cyco Uptake.
$16.50 - $55.50

Cyco XL Growth Stimulant - 100 ml

Increase the root growth rate of your plants, and promote the intake of potassium, nitrogen, and iron using the Cyco XL.

Cyco Zyme

​Increase the nutrient uptake of your plants and enhance growth in hydroponics and soil-free systems with Cyco Zyme.
$38.95 - $124.95
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