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Emerald Harvest

The idea of Emerald Harvest was the fruit of thousands of conversations with growers like you. You told us how devoted you are to your plants. We witnessed firsthand your knowledge and expertise. We learned you have needs that nutrient companies are not addressing.

Spend less time mixing nutrients and spilling away profits and more time enjoying your garden and expanding your business. Help your plants reach their maximum genetic potential without undue complexity or expense. Buy Emerald Harvest for simple, easy success.

Emerald Harvest Bloom

Emerald Harvest Bloom ensures you get the best harvest from your grow room. Created specifically for your high-value crops, Bloom provides your plants with the perfect amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.
$10.95 - $57.50

Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag

A grower's worst nightmare is waking up to wilting, brown, sad looking plants. Avoid that possibility with Emerald Harvest's Cal-Mag, a top-of-the-line calcium and magnesium supplement guaranteed to keep your plants a lush, healthy green.
$14.25 - $84.95

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B

​Need a two part base nutrient system that's easy to use and produces excellent results Then check out this new Cali Pro line from Emerald Harvest! Cali Pro Bloom A and B is the second step in the two step process, to be used during the flowering stage of your plant's growth cycle.
$13.50 - $69.95

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow A & B

Maximize your harvest this season with Emerald Harvest's Cali Pro Grow A and B. Half of a two-part nitrogen rich nutrient base, Cali Pro Grow A and B, when used with Cali Pro Bloom A and B, ensure your plants get all the nutrients they need to produce your best yield yet.
$13.50 - $69.95

Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess

Perfect for hydroponic plants that need a bit more nutrition, Emerald Goddess by Emerald Harvest is a premium plant tonic containing only natural ingredients.
$29.95 - $109.95

Emerald Harvest Grow

Accelerate your plants growth and boost your overall harvest with Emerald Harvest Grow. Step one to Emerald Harvest's unique three step nutrient system.
$10.25 - $57.50

Emerald Harvest Honey Chrome

​The ultimate aroma and resin enricher, Honey Chome by Emerald Harvest is one supplement you don't to miss out on. By fortifying your plants with extra nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, Honey Chome helps them reach their maximum genetic potential, while encouraging vigorous growth and fruiting.
$25.50 - $178.50

Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit - 2 Part Base

One of the top rated nutrient lines on the market, this Kick-Starter Kit offers one quart sizes of each of their premium Cali Pro Grow and Bloom A & B base nutrients.

Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit - 3 Part Base

​This 3-Part Kick-Starter Kit offers the highest-quality, premium hydroponic nutrient series conveniently and affordably.

Emerald Harvest King Kola

King Kola is the first bloom booster to use hemp seed flour. Brought to you by Emerald Harvest, King Kola's unique industry breakthrough formula provides numerous essential elements and complex metabolic compounds, thanks to the new all-natural hemp seed flour addition.
$29.95 - $254.95

Emerald Harvest Micro

Emerald Harvest Micro takes care of all of your plants micronutrient needs, while ensuring your plants still receive the perfect balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Micro contains an inspired mix of trace elements and chel
$12.75 - $69.95

Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

Fortify your plants' internal structure with Sturdy Stalk from Emerald Harvest.
$23.50 - $127.50
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