Mills Nutrients Plant Fertilizers and Nutrients

Mills Nutrients - 5 & 10 liter spigot

This spigot is designed to allow for easy dispensing of your 5 and 10 liter sizes of Mills Nutrients.

Mills Nutrients - Basis A & B

Mills Nutrients ​Basis A & B is a two part base nutrient that is know for getting results. We have see noticeably larger yields in our own gardens when we use the Basis A & B combo!
$16.95 - $76.50

Mills Nutrients - C4

​Mills Nutrients C4 is designed to be a flower enhancer and bloom stimulator. You'll be amazed when your plants produce heavier and higher quality yields.
$76.50 - $297.95

Mills Nutrients - Start-R

​Mills Nutrients Start-R helps your plants grow strong roots fast. This promotes overall plant growth and plant vitality.This product works great in any type of growing medium!
$63.95 - $254.95

Mills Nutrients - Ultimate PK

Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK is the 'Ultimate' bloom booster! Great for use in any growing medium, you will see abundant fruit sets with amazing aromas.
$63.95 - $254.95

Mills Nutrients - Vitalize

Vitalize is carefully formulated to make your plants healthier, heartier, and more resistant to stress factors.
$169.95 - $297.95
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