Oceanus 1 Ebb and Flow Controller

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Oceanus 1 Ebb and Flow Controller

The Titan Controls Oceanus 1 controller utilizes digital technology to run your ebb and flow hydroponics system.

It features resettable circuit breaker protection for the controller, and is housed in a dust and moisture proof chassis.

There are 5 water output ports for multiple configurations of your garden. The 24-hour timer in the Oceanus 1 controller allows you set several watering patterns to accommodate your plants.

10 Amp/120 Volt/60 Hz. Sunlight Supply 3 year warranty.

NOTE: Pumps are not included and must be purchased separately.

Use the Oceanus 1 controller to create your own ebb and flow hydroponics system, or as a replacement for your Flo-N-Gro bucket system.

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