Sensi Zym - 4 liter

Sensi Zym - 4 liter

Rhizotonic Root Stimulator - 10 liter

Rhizotonic Root Stimulator - 10 liter

Oregonism XL - 8 oz

Oregonism XL - 8 oz
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Roots Organics Oregonism XL is a distintive blend of endo/ecto-mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma.

The species of microorganisms in Oregonism XL are specifically selected for fruiting and flowering plants with a tolerance to heavy fertilizing.

The mycorrhizae colonize the root zone, forming a symbiosis with the plant's roots, massively increasing the size and effective surface area. The beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma in Oregonism XL produce plant and root growth-promoting compounds to protect against pathogens.

Water soluable Oregonism XL helps increase nutrient uptake, encourages vigorous root systems and helps plants resist stress.

Oregonism XL contains:

6 endo mycorrhizae species
6 ecto mycorrhizae species
2 trichoderma
13 strains of beneficial bacteria
Soluble kelp

Although developed for hydroponics systems, Oregonism XL is also effective in soil gardens.

Roots Organics has become the personal favorite of several of the guys in our retail store. We regularly test products in our greenhouse and we've come to the conclusion that the Roots Organics line is a well thought out, very complete line of organics. Their application chart is easy to follow, and the results will speak for themselves.

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