Organic Air HEPA Intake Filter

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Organic Air HEPA Intake Filter

Organic Air HEPA Filters are designed to keep unwanted particulate matter out of grow-rooms and greenhouses.

Opposing dual cone technology optimizes airflow even as it traps and filters out 90% of molds, insects and bacteria.

With Organic Air intake fan filter protection, your greenhouse or grow room provides just the kind of contaminant-free conditions your plants need to grow to their full potential.

For best results, the synthetic fiber filter media in these HEPA filters need a large volume of air flow. It is recommended you use a larger fan size than the HEPA filter size. Use a duct reducer to attach your HEPA filter to the blower. More air = more filtration!

Organic Air HEPA filter installation steps:

Slide the inlet collar over the inlet or outlet side.
Secure filter with clamp provided.
Tighten clamp with screw driver - it's done!

4" Organic Air HEPA Filter = 1.75 lbs.
6" Organic Air HEPA Filter = 3 lbs.
8" Organic Air HEPA Filter = 4.9 lbs.

High capacity HEPA filters require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Once a month use a garden hose or shower nozzle to spray it down, both from the inside and outside. Shake out water and let dry. Once it is completely dry reattach to fan using clamp.

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