How to make plant cuttings

When I take plant cuttings it seems that they all wilt right away then a few bounce back and some never do. How can I increase my success rate?

First, check your cloning gel.

If not refrigerated after opening it looses its effectiveness in 6 months.

The gel rules are: Don't dip into the container as that can contaminate the remainder of the gel. Pour out a little into a shot glass or something then dip into that instead. And, refrigerate what's left in the container. This will keep it good for up to a year.

Second, use a new scalpel or razor blade every time you take your cuttings.

Scissors, no matter how sharp they are will damage the tissue where you make the cut, and cause that immediate wilting to take place because the cutting can't take in water through damaged tissue.

The quicker you can get the cutting into the gel, and into the cube - the better.

A clean 45 degree cut is important as well. I'd make this cut about 1/4" to 1/2" under a leaf node, and slice that leaf off at the stem. This gives the cutting 2 places to take in water instead of just the bottom cut, and may help your wilting issue.

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