Hydroponics Tutorial

A quick overview of indoor gardening with hydroponics.

Hydroponics gardening has existed for thousands of years... the Hanging Gardens of Babylon used hydroponics! Grow flowers, foliage plants, or even fruits & vegetables indoors...

Hydroponics gardening is easy! Plants and flowers use the nutrients (plant food) and water that are in their soil, not the soil itself. Hydroponics systems provide plants and flowers the nutrients and water they need, without the mess of the soil. Did you know that soil carries diseases and pests? Soil also seems to sprout weeds every time you blink! Hydroponics gardening eliminates these problems... no soil, no diseases, no pests, no weeds!!!

In addition to providing your family with a safe, fun, and productive hobby, growing your own hydroponics vegetables eliminates the possibility of illness or death associated with e. coli bacterial outbreaks from store bought veggies. You'll also be avoiding pesticides, and harsh chemical fertilizers that are applied to the main stream vegetables. When you look at all of the benefits of indoor gardening, all costs associated with buying and maintaining an indoor garden are really quite small.

Large root system

Large root system with
small plant from
growing in soil.

Small root system

Small roots with large
plant from growing in

And, since they don't have to work as hard to get what they need, their roots don't have to grow as much, which lets the plant itself grow bigger faster and with less effort.

Hydroponics gardening has been used primarily by commercial growers (farmers) for ages, but now Growco Indoor Garden Supply can offer you the same reliable convenience right in your own home! Most of our hydroponics systems come as a complete package, nutrients and all, ready for your plants and flowers to move into!

Growco even gives you illustrations in the instructions for setting up your hydroponics arrangement, and it only takes a couple of minutes to start your own indoor garden!

Once you've got your plants and flowers moved in, you only need to add water and nutrients to keep them growing like wild fire.

Our hydroponics systems range from shelf-size clear up to greenhouse size. If you just need grow room supplies, go here.

And in the summer, you can pick up your whole garden and move it outside. In the winter, keep it in your bedroom, your basement, your kitchen, your living room, or anywhere else you want. If the room doesn't have enough windows, just add a grow light, and your plants and flowers will have all of the sunshine they need to thrive.

Need to know more about grow lights? Here's a high-intensity discharge lighting (HID) tutorial...

Types of hydroponic techniques:

Ebb & Flow is probably the most popular type of recirculating hydroponics for hobbyists. This is a simple method of flooding a top tray with water from the reservoir below. The water/nutrient solution pumps up into the plants root area and holds there for as long as you set the timer for (usually 15 minutes, 1-6 times a day), then it drains back through the pump into the reservoir. This is a very easy automated form of hydroponics. As with any hydroponics, you should drain and refill with fresh nutrient solution at least once every couple of weeks. Our most popular Ebb & Flow systems are: CAP Ebb & Gro, Titan Flo-n-gro, and American Hydroponics Econo-tray systems. Find these, and other ebb & flow hydroponics systems here.

Top-Feed-Drip is very popular with rockwool/stonewool lovers. This is probably the most widely used commercial method of hydroponics nutrient delivery. In top-feed-drip systems, you apply the nutrient solution to the plants by timed release through drip-lines that are arranged at the base of each plant. Most tray-type Ebb & flow systems can easily be converted to top-feed-drip by simply adding some plumbing and drip emitters. Our best selling top-feed-drip system is American Agritech's Turbogarden with top-feed-drip. Take a look at top-feed-drip hydroponics systems here.

Deep water culture, a.k.a. Passive, is nothing new, but it has recently become a very popular method for growing big plants fast. There are many variations on deep water culture systems, some being hybrid systems with big pumps and aggressive water movement, other systems using separate containers for each plant, and some systems have multiple plants in sharing a single container. The common theme to all deep water culture systems is that the plants roots are hanging directly into the nutrient solution, and a healthy dose of air bubbles is being pumped into the solution. Our best selling deep water culture systems are the Current CultureSystems, and the Emily's Garden. This is also popular with do-it-yourselfers who build their own systems using: 5 gallon buckets, "net pot bucket lids", and a big air pump/airstone combo. You'll find the deep water culture hydroponics systems here.

Aeroponics is a very specialized form of hydroponics. This is the delivery of a fine mist of nutrient solution to the plants hanging root system. Because the plants roots are never fully submerged in water, the plants get more oxygen to the root system, and grow very fast as a result. As with top-feed-drip systems, it has become very popular to cross aeroponics with other methods of hydroponics nutrient delivery, creating many hybrid systems. Our best selling aeroponics systems are the Apollo Systems, and the Aeroflo2 Systems from General Hydroponics. Specialized aeroponics systems for plant cloning are here. General aeroponics systems here.

This is just a brief summary of this intriguing gardening process. Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) has an in-depth look at hydroponics history and techniques. Take a look.

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