How to Transplant Seedlings into Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System

Once I have the seedling, how do I move it to the Hydroton in my Ebb And Grow system? Everything I read just says to transplant it but not actually how to place it or what?

You'll want to wait until you've got some roots showing at the bottom of the starter plug before you transplant your seedling.

Fill all of the growing containers in your Ebb and Grow system about half way with pre-moistened growing medium, and run a flood cycle. When you see where the highest level of the water reaches in the containers, that is where you place the bottom of the seedling transplant. You want the water to just touch the bottom of the starter plug and the new roots. Level the growing medium to that water line, then lift the entire plant plug from your starter tray (with the plant and its new roots intact) and place it into the ebb & flow container.

Add growing medium around the starter plug to support it. You can add more growing medium later to help support the plant, but never raise the flood cycle any higher as it can rot out the stem. Start out with the flood cycle as high as it can go, then maybe lower it a small amount as the plants grow to conserve nutrient.

As long as I'm throwing tips your way, the best hydroponics tip I can give you is to maintain your water level in the system.

As the water goes down over a period of several days, the nutrients become concentrated and can mess with your PH and burn the plants root system. This is a very common mistake to make.

Keep the water level at the same point where it started, even if it means adding fresh water to the reservoir every day or two. Another advantage is that topping off the water frequently will usually correct your PH without having to add as much PH adjusters. When you're topping the water off, use only fresh water.

In the beginning, the only time you add nutrient is when you completely drain your reservoir, and refill it again with fresh water and nutes.

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