What can I use to eliminate bedbugs?

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond, a big chain store the other day, and they had an entire section devoted to bedbugs.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the labels on all of the products that they were selling, and everything was Pyrethrin based. Pyrethrin is a natural pesticide, made with concentrated chrysanthemum extract.

It's relatively safe to use around humans and pets, and doesn't have a lingering odor.

I'd be careful around children, birds, aquariums, and small pets, making sure that they steer clear of the treated area for several hours after a treatment.

It's available in many forms, from concentrate, to ready-to-use spray, to total release bombs. As with any pesticide, you've got to reapply on a schedule that will break the insects reproductive cycle, which usually means about once a week, with continuing applications until you've beat the pest.

If you called a commercial company to spray for bedbugs, they would also use Pyrethrin products to treat the issue. Here are the Pyrethrin products we carry:

There is another good natural product derived from Neem Oil called Azamax.

Personally, I'd use this in addition to the Pyrethrin, alternating between the two every couple of applications.Azamax is an oil, and may leave stains depending on what you're spraying. It's another very natural, but powerful product that I have a lot of faith in. This takes away the insects ability to lay eggs, so if you used it in conjunction with the Pyrethrin, it will be more of a 2 pronged approach.

AzaMax™ Botanical Insecticide, Miticide, and Nematicide

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