Growco Indoor Garden Supply provides private, secure online ordering.

We guarantee your security throughout your visit to this website.   We don't track our customers, and we use minimal cookies during your visit (only what's necessary to improve your shopping experience).  We now offer the option of having a customer account, but it's your choice.  You can always make a purchase from us without creating a customer account.  Either way, we guarantee your privacy now, just like we have every day since we opened for business in 1999! 

We stock and ship all of the products that we sell!

The email address on your order is used ONLY for direct contact from Growco regarding your pending order.

Email addresses are NEVER shared with anyone.

The ONLY copy of your order is sent to you with your shipment.

Plain, unmarked boxes are used for shipping to protect your privacy.

Return address on your shipment shows JAY LAWRENCE (not Growco).

We strive to provide you strictly private, secure online ordering.