Quad Thick Trays

Quad Thick Trays

Quad Thick Trays are literally four times thicker than regular 1020 nursery trays.

Made out of pliable black plastic, they won't crack if dropped or stepped on!

Quad Thick Trays measure 10" x 20" and almost as thick as the plastic use in nicer hydroponics systems.

Available with drainage holes or without holes. You can use the drainage hole version as a stand-alone or insert it into the no-hole version to catch runoff.

These are the last trays that you will ever need to buy. They are built tough - no need to use 3 or 4 of the old trays when you can use one of these instead.

A good choice for germinating seedlings or rooting plant cuttings. Two Hugo Gro-Blocks fit nicely.

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