Root Rot Solutions with Hydroponics


The 'eternal' root rot that you've got has been a big problem for a lot of people. 

But, there is a 100% cure, and it will eliminate root rot permanently from your system.

The only drawback is that you won't be able to use any of your 'live' innoculants directly with it because it will kill them immediately. The product is Physan 20 and we've got instructions in bold in the middle of the page for use in a hydroponics system. Physan 20 has been around for years, sold primarily to commercial orchid growers.

The manufacturer gave us the hydroponics application rate (it's not on the bottle).

It sounds like you've got plants in your system now, so I'd recommend doing a water change, put in your normal nutrients, but leave out the live innoculants and then add the Physan 20 at the hydroponics rate on our website. Do this for at least a few weeks, changing the res once a week, and adding more Physan 20 to the new water every time. Then you should be able to start over with fresh water and your live innoculants again.


The next time you can tear your system apart for cleaning, follow the instructions on the Physan 20 label to sanitize your system. I'd fill it with water and run it for an hour or so with the 'sanitize' application rate of Physan 20.

Rinse the heck out of it, and you should be OK after that.

So far, we've got 100% positive feedback on this approach. Please follow the instructions, and let me know your results!